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Spark Your Diet Motivation

Eating a healthy diet 100% of the time can get a bit boring. If you've tried the Fat X diet you know that there is a splurge allowance, but even then, sometimes you need to spark your motivation and spark your healthy diet by taking a step back. I call it taking a diet break.

Taking a diet break is a good idea when you find yourself craving things or are getting bored with healthy eating choices. Before your whole diet plan blows up and you revert to bad eating habits, the idea is to take a break and spark your motivation. By doing this correctly it won't set your short term goals back to much, and will really help your long term goals.

When I take a diet break, or I feel one of my clients needs a diet break, I'll plan it out. I'll make sure that I have a really healthy and nutritious eating day before I take a diet break. That way the nutrition seeps into the day I will not be eating so healthy. The other important thing is to have the day after the diet break planned out as well. This will make it easy to jump back on a healthy eating plan.

If you're starting to slip on your diet and feel you need to spark your motivation, try a diet break. One day isn't going to kill your fat loss efforts as long as you plan things out and are working out properly. A diet break should help your long term fat loss goals.

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