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Time To Tone it Up

After the 4th of July weekend, it's definitely time for me to tone it up. I need to tone up my diet and tone up my workouts. I must admit I was slacking a bit. I got complacent and I started having more diet break days than actually being on the Fat X diet. So what am I going to do to tone my body up, my diet and my workouts?

First, I want to jump start my diet by ending every day with a bowl of mixed vegetables. Actually I've already started. I started doing this Sunday night. The purpose of this is to make sure I'm getting close to the 60% vegetable requirement in the Fat X diet. Also, this limits my cravings. As many of you know, vegetables are highly nutritious and they're high in fiber which keeps you full and satisfied longer. I cheat and put a little butter on them to make them tastier.

Secondly, I'm starting the Fat X workouts again after being off for a while. I still have my records from the previous times I've done the program so now all I have to do is try to beat the numbers. The challenge of it I know will keep me motivated.

If it's time for you to tone up and you haven't done the Fat X Program, begin A.S.A.P.

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