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Weight Training vs Cardio Part 1

There's a big debate on what's better for fat loss.  On one side you have the cardio advocates who believe the best way to lose fat weight is by doing hours of cardio.  On the other side are the weight training advocates who believe it's better to lift weights and build muscle.  I often get asked on what side I'm on and why.  The answer to that is neither.  There's pros and cons to both, but there's also no reason to have to chose sides.  You can do both.  For best results, you should actually get both done at the same time.  If you've done the Fat X Workouts you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't tried them, I'll explain why it's the best way to lose fat.

When people do cardio, they're burning calories while doing that particular cardio session.  Whether it's running or exercising on some type of cardio equipment.  When that cardio session is over, so is the calorie burning.  What's even worse is that as your body adapts to that particular cardio exercise and duration, it burns less and less calories because the body has adapted to the motion and and has become more efficient at completing it. So in order to burn the same amount of calories or more, you have to extend the time you do that type of cardio exercise.  

Check in for part 2 later this week.  Meanwhile check out my post "How Too Much Cardio Can Hurt Fat Burning Goals."

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