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Ridiculous Claims in Diet and Fitness

What bugs me about the diet and fitness industry is that companies will try to sell you something by offering ridiculous claims and steering you away from the truth and facts in order to sell you weight loss or fitness related products. I'll list some of these claims about diet, fitness, weight loss and fat burning in order to help you stay away from things that don't work,help you stay on track with things that do and possibly save you some money.

Use product X because it will rinse out your insides and help you lose weight.

Rinse? WTF? This claim makes me laugh every time. It sounds like swallowing one of those pads you use to clean dirty pots. Your insides don't need rinsing. Eating plenty of fiber will help your digestive system run smoothly and naturally clear itself of waste. No rinsing required.

Exercise X will give you long lean muscles.

This claim ignores basic anatomy. Your muscles have set origin and insertion points that do not change. The only way to make them longer would be through plastic surgery that would change these origin and insertion points. The only way to achieve a "lean" look would be to lose the fat covering the muscles.

Ab machine X will burn belly fat and give you six pack abs.

As I've written about before, there is no way to burn or lose fat from only one area on your body. There are fat storage sites that will look smaller once your body burns or loses excess fat due to a proper exercise and diet program.

Understanding these claims can help save time and money and get you on the proper path to losing fat weight, becoming more fit and getting healthier.

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