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Before Buying Diet Pills

There are several weight loss (fat loss) scams on the internet. One of the most profitable scams on the internet is the diet pill scam. Before buying a weight loss (fat loss) supplement or pill, you should ask yourself a couple of questions. The first question you should ask yourself is through what mechanism is this supplement or pill supposed to work? The second question you need to ask yourself before buying a weight loss (fat loss) pill or supplement is, are there any studies done on humans that show the efficacy of the supplement or pill.

If you don't understand the mechanism of how a supplement or pill is supposed to help you lose weight , then save your money. Usually companies selling diet pills throw around the names of celebrities or names of exotic fruits and berries instead of telling you how it is supposed to work. The acai berry is one example of this marketing scheme. Don't be fooled into wasting your money, do your research and find out what and if there is a mechanism in which the diet pill is supposed to help you lose weight.

The other reason companies throw around the names of celebrities and or exotic fruits and berries like in the acai berry diet pill marketing strategy is to mask the fact that there is no real evidence showing that their product is useful in losing weight. Again, don't be fooled and look for the evidence that the product works. More importantly, look for evidence that it works on humans. I've seen several studies of a substance working on rats, yet not working when applied to human studies or human use.

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