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It's Not Just About Fat Loss

I was watching a television show today called The Doctors and this particular episode was about life saving techniques. They went through C.P.R and other emergency medical techniques. Toward the end of the show they made the point that the best medicine is prevention, meaning that by doing things that can help you be healthy and fit, you can prevent a lot of diseases and medical complications.

 When I came up with the Fat X Diet, contrary to what people might think, it was more about being healthy and fit, than just losing fat. When following an exercise and diet program or plan, remember that it's not just about fat loss, it's also about your health, preventing disease and medical complications long term.

While you will lose fat following the FX workout and diet program, I want you to also be motivated by knowing that you're doing something for your long term health as well. One of the hosts of The Doctors mentioned that a good diet habit to have is to eat seven colors each day. If you're following the Fat X diet, you are probably already doing this without even knowing.

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