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Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness Q&A of the Week-Fat X Origins

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X program. Today's question was e-mailed to me and is mostly regarding the Fat X origins.

Coach Rollie,

I am a 30 year old female, 5’5”, 200 lbs...(it sounds worse than it looks lol ) but anyway…I’ve had a personal trainer who put me thru the paces and I’ve lost inches without stepping foot on a cardio machine…I am convinced that this type of workout works…I can no longer afford a trainer so I did a little research and after reading through your website I am motivated and I am about to start your program tomorrow. However, I was wondering, you said you have been a fitness coach since 2001, however you did the Fat X in 2007, what motivated you to develop this program that changed your body so drastically? Also, what does the Fat X program do differently than in your prior years as a fitness coach that didn’t work as well?

Also, I’m nervous about doing this in a gym; people might look at me weird?

P.S…I intend to take pics of my progress and email them to you…hopefully it will be more evidence to others!

Thank you,


In 2007 I had a slight hip and shoulder injury which side lined me from working out properly for a while. My workouts became to consist of mostly cardio and very little weight training. To make that even worse, my diet wasn't exactly the epitome of health and nutrition. It became what is known as the "See Food Diet". You know, see it lol.

After about five weeks of this, I took a real good look in the mirror and realized that I was becoming what I really dislike, a fat, out of shape personal trainer/fitness coach. I've never liked the do as I say, not as I do mentality. At this point, I decided to work on putting together a jump start workout program to lose the fat and get fit again. I wanted to do this fast because I knew the challenge would keep me motivated.

A lot of the workout techniques and exercise programs I had learned from other "fitness experts", done myself and or used with my clients in the past, I realized were not all that necessary and where just taking up time. So when I began to put the Fat X program together and begin my project, I started by eliminating fluff. I knew more didn't equal better so I picked the best of the best exercises and put them in an order that would work synergistically for maximum and efficient results. After all was said and done, the Fat X Program became 12 workouts that are relatively short, but intense and most importantly highly effective.

Don't worry about looking weird at the gym doing this program. What looks weird to me is people spending hours at the gym and not getting good results. Usually because they're on a cardio machine wasting time or walking around doing random exercises without a plan. Good luck!

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