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If you've been following my blog you know I started a secret fat loss Fat X Project a couple of weeks ago. The last workout was Friday and we took the after pictures on Saturday. Here are the fat loss results on the Fat X 12 day Workout Program.

As you can see the results where very noticeable in the belly area. I'm actually a bit surprised as the diet was no where near what I wanted it to be. It was understandable since the holidays are one of the worst times to start a fat loss/fitness program. Nevertheless, he was committed to the workout program, and the while the diet was shaky, it was cleaned up a bit towards the last few days.

Going into this project, I knew it would be difficult to stick to the Fat X diet guidelines during the Holiday season, so for the first time on one of my Fat X Projects, I tried out a popular fat burning supplement to see if it would help.Lipo-6

I hope this comes in just in time to spark you New Year's fitness , fat burning, and weight loss resolution. Good luck if you decide to try the Fat X Program and begin your own fat burning/fat loss Fat X Project.

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