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Burning The Fat A Year in Review

Over the last year I worked on a few public Fat X Projects. By public I mean I posted them here on Fat X 101. Just in case you missed the postings, I thought I would review these fat burning/fat loss projects so as to help answer a few common questions that I receive. Does the Fat X Program work? Will it help flatten my stomach? Can I use it to get a six pack? I also hope that that you are motivated to get started or to continue on a fat loss/fat burning and fitness journey.

Each of these public projects where a bit different in the sense that I used subjects with different needs, fitness backgrounds and varying fitness levels. 

My first public Fat X Project in 2009 was with Aleen. I decided to stretch out the program over five weeks. I had been getting several questions from people that could only workout out a few times a week and wondered if it would work over a longer period of time. I also wanted to use an older subject. Here are the results.Fat Loss,Fat X,Fat burning

My next Fat X Project was started before and went through the Christmas holiday. This project was code named Subject X partially due to the fact that doing the Fat X Program through the Christmas holiday was definitely going to be an X factor. The diet was as I expected, very choppy. Nonetheless, the fat burning/ fat loss results where pretty good due to the fact he completed the workouts in 12 days and pushed hard through every single workout. Subject X's work ethic was definitely admirable, his diet, not so much lol. Here are his results.Photobucket

On the heels of Subject X's completed Fat X Project came my brother's. He expressed interest in doing the Fat X Program in order to get him down to his MMA fighting weight. This project presented some unique issues. He was already in good cardiovascular shape, he was doing MMA training, he was working on his Masters thesis, he's married with three children and works as a teacher full time. There was plenty of excuses there at the ready if he wanted to take them, but he pushed through the 12 days with the only hick up being New Year's Eve. The nice thing about this fat burning/fat loss project was that he kept a photo journal of all his meals through the 12 days as an example of one way to set up a healthier diet. Here are his results. Photobucket.Fat Loss,Fat X,Fat burning
Last but not least, I wanted to showcase a Fat X Project that was done only via the website, meaning I didn't personally oversee this one. I thought it was a great example of how someone can go from good to even better. Richard sent me the before and after pictures and here they are.Photobucket

Seeing others get good results motivates me and I hope that it will also motivate you to get on track or stay on track with your fat burning/fat loss and fitness goals. Good luck with the Fat X Program and your Fat X Project.

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