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Coach Rollie Likes....

Every week or so I'll be featuring a product, service or business that I personally like and that can possibly help you in your fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals. Today is the second installment of "Coach Rollie Likes....." and I'm featuring a green tea drink.

If you've been following my blog you know that I'm a big fan of green tea. I like green tea not only for it's metabolism boosting properties, but for the anti-oxidants and over all health benefits. The problem most people have with green tea is the taste. If you don't normally like the taste of green tea, try Lipton's Diet Green Tea with Citrus. It taste's pretty damn good and it's a nice alternative to hot tea, water, or diet sodas when you need to wash down your food with something flavored.

If you know of a product, service or business that you like and feel it can help others in their fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals, feel free to e-mail me with that information. I'll check it out, and possible feature it on "Coach Rollie Likes......".

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