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After 12 days of Fat X workouts and trying to follow the Fat X diet, my brother, Subject Fight Ready is done with his fat loss project. His Fat X Project was successful not only because he lost weight, but because that weight was mostly fat loss and it looks like he also gained some muscle in the process. He is now close to where he wants to be as far as weight and fat percentage is concerned. He's going to work on losing another layer of fat to really get to where he needs to be in order for him to compete in another MMA event. I'm sure he'll get there soon. I'm also confident that once that next layer comes off he will have a visible six pack to show off this spring.

As I mentioned before, along with the Fat X workouts, he was doing additional MMA training at the Fight Academy in Pasadena to sharpen his MMA skills. I've trained there myself and if you're looking for a good place to train MMA check it out. It's located at 61 West Valley Street, Pasadena, CA 91105. One of the trainers there is a real down to earth guy that's actually an MMA fighter, Savant Young. They will actually be hosting the first sanctioned MMA fight in Pasadena later this month.

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