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Burn Fat and Get Fit By Creating a Sense of Urgency

The sense of urgency is important in being successful at whatever you choose do do, whether it's burning fat, losing weight, getting fit or anything outside of the fitness realm such as becoming successful financially. The best way to create this sense of urgency is to create deadlines and or goal dates.

Some of my most successful clients have been those that have a wedding coming up. Looking good for their wedding day creates a sense of urgency that keeps them focused on getting their workouts done every week and following their diet plan.

If you don't have a deadline or goal date, you don't have the same sense of urgency and focus that helps insure success and therefore it's easier to procrastinate and put off your fat burning, weight loss and fitness goals.

Get on track now, set a goal date, and create that sense of urgency. Spring is coming up in a few weeks and if you don't already have a goal date, I think it would definitely be a good idea to make that your goal date and create a sense of urgency. Start on the Fat X Program now, and have a better body and healthier body this Spring. This year Spring begins March 20th. Let's do this!!

If you're in the Pasadena area, feel free to contact me about private training sessions, or to join my FX Boot Camp and help you reach your fat burning, weigh loss and fitness goals this Spring.

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