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Make Health and Fitness a Priority

Most people I have spoken to have already ditched their fitness, fat burning, and or weight loss New Year's resolution. The main reason has been because they never made it a priority. If you want to succeed in your fitness, fat burning and or weight loss goals, it is highly important that it becomes a priority in your life.

You will do what it takes to take care of the things you find important in your life, family, your home, vehicle etc. Unfortunately a lot of people forget that their health should be high on the list of things that are important. Without your health, what do you really have? Who can you take care of? Will you really be happy being overweight and unhealthy?

In social gatherings my profession as a fitness coach usually comes up as a topic of conversation and there's always at least one person that claims they want to start working out and eating better. Then that statement is usually followed by a list of excuses of why they can't do it. One excuse that tends to come up a lot is that they can't afford it. Meanwhile they might be carrying a designer handbag, driving a luxury car, watching T.V on an expensive flat screen at home or enjoying expensive cocktails while hitting the night clubs.

Obviously these peoples priorities are skewed, prioritizing material possessions and leisure activities instead of their most important asset, their health. Don't fall into that trap. Make your health and fitness a top priority so that you can enjoy not only a long life, but also improve the quality of that life. Invest some time and money in your health now and make it a priority so that you don't have to deal with the medical consequences of obesity later. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer all suck! Do what you can to prevent all that.

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