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Every week or so I feature a product, service or business that I personally like and that can possibly help you in your fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals.  Today in "Coach Rollie Likes....."  Pure Protein bars.

I normally have my private clients keep a food log/journal.  When they hit a plateau in their fat loss and or fitness, I look through their diet. Protein is usually deficient and tends to be the culprit in their plateau.  It's also understandable.  It's difficult to get in protein without also getting in excess fat or carbohydrates in your diet. One easy solution is protein bars.  The problem with most protein bars is that they don't taste very good, and or they're pricey.  I like Pure Protein bars because they taste relatively good, and they are also relatively inexpensive.  If you need to add protein to your diet in an easy an efficient manner, give them a try.

If you know of a product, service or business that you think I might like and can help others in their fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals, feel free to e-mail me with that information.  I'll check it out, and possible feature it on "Coach Rollie Likes......".

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