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Tips and Tricks For FX Workouts and Days 4-8

I finished up day 8 of the Fat X program yesterday and on this tour of duty I've officially made it to day 9.  The layer of belly fat I've been fighting with since I put in on over the holidays is finally starting to come off.  Here are a few more tips to help you burn the fat and lose the belly flab if you're doing the Fat X program or or planning on starting it.

I'm changing up the five minute warm up at the beginning of every exercise session (FX workouts) so as to challenge my body a bit and burn extra calories.  Your body becomes efficient at doing something the more you do it so you burn less calories if you maintain the same warm up.  By switching it up, your body needs to adapt and will work a bit harder.

As far as my diet is concerned, over the last few days I've been making large pots of mixed veggies so that I always have some ready to go.  This makes it easy just to find a protein source and mix it in.  It doesn't look pretty a lot of the times.  I take pictures of some of my meals and post them on Facebook, and a friend said " that looks like dog food"  lol.  That particular meal definitely did, but luckily it didn't taste that way.  It was actually pretty good.

Here's a motivational tip, remember that the workouts are short.  This will keep you mentally in the game.  Even though my body has been sore, and I've been tired from long days at work, knowing that the workouts tend to be under 30 minutes helped me motivate myself to push through them and get them done.

Today is active rest day and I'll probably some MMA training.  My muscles will get a rest from intense weight training and should be ready for FX workout 10 tomorrow.

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