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Top 3 Leg And Butt Exercises (Lower Body)

First of all let me make clear that leg and butt exercises are not just for women, men should be doing them too. Not only are leg and butt exercises good if you want to lose fat and tone up, but they're are very important in increasing your athleticism and fitness level.

Your leg muscles are large muscles that require a lot of energy to function, so by exercising those muscles, you burn a lot of calories and boost your metabolism significantly. So with that being said, here are the top three exercises that will work you lower body a.k.a legs and butt.

#1. Full Squats

Squat have gotten a bad reputation because most people do them wrong, placing the stress on the knees and not on the leg muscles. Check out Fat X workout 10 for an example of how to do full squats.

#2. Lunges

Lunges done properly require most of your leg muscle to work hard and unilaterally. Take a look at the second half of Fat X workout 3 for an example of how to to lunges.

#3. Cross Jumps

Cross jumps are a plyometric exercise that help you develop power, speed and explosiveness. Three things that are required in peak athletic performance. One of my training philosophies is to exercise to improve athletic performance and your physique will follow. Just take a look at the physiques of top athletes in sports. An example of cross jumps are also in Fat X workout 3.

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