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Tips and Tricks For Staying on Track on Vacation?Q&A of The Week

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X Program (FX12).  I was a bit busy last week but I'm back today with a question that was e-mailed in and it's regarding tips for when going on vacation.

Hello Coach,
My name is Julia and I've been doing your fat burning program since February.  I've lost weight and I'm pretty sure it's mostly from fat.  I can really notice in my belly and thighs.  Anyway, I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and I really want to continue progressing.  I'll be on vacation for a week.  Are there any tips and tricks you have for staying on track while on vacation?  

My number one tip for staying on track while on vacation is more of a pre-emtive strike.  My philosophy is to work hard so that you can play hard.  When I know I'm going to be on vacation, I really focus on eating healthy via the Fat X diet, and working out hard before I leave.  That way I can enjoy myself on vacation, rest my body, and my mind so that when I get back I'm re-motivated, refreshed and ready to get back to eating healthy and working out.

Just like the diet breaks I've written about before, make sure you have a plan for when you return from vacation.  You want to avoid the pitfall of not having a plan/strategy to follow when you return and fall back into bad habits.  I hope this helps and enjoy your vacation! Relax, even if you take a step backward in your progress, being refreshed can really re-ignite your motivation and your drive to continue with your fat burning, weight loss and fitness journey.

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