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Where's Richard and His Six Pack?

A few months ago a friend of mine, Richard, contacted me to let me know he had been doing the Fat X Program (FX12) workouts , diet and following the advice here at Fat X 101.  Even though he was already thin, and had a flat stomach, he told me he used the FX 12 and the tips and tricks here at Fat X 101 to get in even better shape.  He sent in the before and after pictures and the results were clearly evident, he burned some fat and his six pack abs where now in place. 
Flat To Six Pack Abs
I'm proud to say that I've recently touched base with Richard and he is still continuing his healthy living and fitness lifestyle.  He used the motivation from his before and after pictures to propel himself into signing up to do a sprint triathlon.  There's twenty days before he competes and I want to wish him the best of luck.

Here is his updated picture.  He's kept the fat he burned off...well off. His six pack is still in tact, and he's still on track with his health and fitness lifestyle.  Congrats!  If you haven't started the FX 12, right now is the perfect time to start.  Memorial Day weekend is a few weeks ahead, there's plenty of time to burn off some fat, get fit and expose those abs. It's swimsuit time!  Let's do this!

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