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Every week or so I'm featuring a product, service or business that I personally like and that can possibly help you in your fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals.  I ran out of my protein supplement over the weekend and thought I would mention in today's "Coach Rollie likes....", the product I've been using.

A few months ago I mentioned in "Coach Rollie likes...." a small nutrition supplement store in Pasadena, Nutrition 4 Less, that I liked. At Nutrition 4 less I was recommended a protein supplement made by Intek called Evolution. I've been using Intek's protein supplement Evolution ever since and have been pleasantly surprised with the taste and the ease in which it mixes.  Taste and ease in which protein powders mix are the two factors that really set them apart from each other.  I've had experiences with protein powders that taste pretty bad, and that are difficult to mix/blend, both bad if you're trying to supplement protein in your diet in a pleasant and easy way.

As a quick recap, protein feeds and helps repair muscle, and muscle helps keep you metabolism revved up and burning calories throughout the day.  Very important if you're trying to burn fat, lose weight and or just stay fit and healthy. I'll be on my way to Nutrition 4 Less in Pasadena in a few hours to pick up Intek's protein powder supplement.  

If you're not in the area, other good choices are available at Amazon.
If you know of a product, service or business that you like and feel it can help others in their fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals, feel free to e-mail me with that information.  I'll check it out, and possible feature it on "Coach Rollie Likes......".

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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