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Top 3 Full Body Exercises

There are good exercises, and then there are great exercises.  Especially when it comes down to burning the most amount of fat, losing the most amount of unwanted weight and getting fit in the shortest amount of time.  The Fat X 12 day program (FX 12) requires very little equipment, but even so, some people might not have access to it. So, I've decided to pick out the three most effective exercises within the FX 12 that require very little equipment and or space.  These three exercises burn a ton of calories and stimulate your whole musculature when performed.

First on the list is the unbalanced object lift.  This exercise is an Olympic weightlifting hybrid and is great for developing strength, power and overall fitness.  I use a five gallon water bottle but you can also use a dumbbell, kettle bell or sandbag.  The more the object is off balance or unstable, the more difficult the exercise becomes. You can see it in FX workout video 11.

Second on the list is the squat press.  This exercise combines two of the most effective exercises which are the squat and the shoulder press/push press into one.  Just a few reps of this exercise will let you know why it's awesome for burning the fat, losing the weight and getting toned fast. You can see it in FX workout video 7.

Last but not least is the Turkish get up.  I put this exercise first in the FX 12 program because of it's effectiveness in getting your fitness level up to par fast.  This exercise is one of those exercises that works your core without you even knowing it.  You can see it in FX workout video 1.

If you can do the Fat X 12 day program (FX 12) you're on your way to getting that fit and toned body ready for summer, but if you don't feel you're ready for the FX 12, you can prepare yourself by doing these top 3 exercises.  Good luck, and remember the FX 12 is designed to be done in 12 days, but you can also stretch it out and repeat it as needed.  Most importantly, start you Fat X project A.S.A.P
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