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Booty Enhancing Exercises

Do you suffer from FBS (Flat Booty Syndrome)?  If your booty, or should I say bootay, is flat, small, flabby or just plain not as bootylicious as you would like it to be, I have the prescription that will solve your FBS.  There are three exercises that will get you on the fast track and on your way to enhancing, toning and making the booty of yours more bootilicious than ever before.  If you've been burning the fat, and getting toned with the  Fat X Program (FX 12), then you already know the power and effectiveness of these exercises, but if you're new to Fat X 101 and the FX 12, then I'll go over these exercises that target the booty/bootay, and you can start becoming bootilicious ASAP.

First on the list is the squat.  The squat is known as the king of lower body exercises . It's not just for aesthetic purposes either, strength and conditioning coaches know it to be a power producer for athletes and you will see it implemented in any high level strength and conditioning program.  If you're wondering if it will work to enhance, tone up and firm your booty, just take a look at the lower body of any high level power athlete such as sprinters, football players, ice skaters etc.   Want to excel in sports?  Want a good looking booty?  Make sure to include squats in your fitness and exercise program.  You can see an example of doing a full squat in FX fat burning workout  video 8.  There are other variations to the squat, but I prefer the full squat.

The second exercise that is excellent if you want to enhance your booty is the lunge.  The lunge targets the same muscles as the squat, but in a slightly different way. Because you have to do the movement unilaterally, it also brings balance into play, which necessitates the use of surrounding muscles to help stabilize you through the movement.  Perfect for getting the most bang for your buck.  See the lunge in FX fat burning workout video 3.

The final exercise that is a must in enhancing your butt, booty, bootay is an exercise that if I could only choose one, this exercise would be it.  Stay tuned for part 2 where I'll reveal this great booty enhancing exercise! 

 Hint:  It's in the FX 12 fat burning program already!

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