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Top 5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight - Change and Improve Your Results in 2022

Over the years I've worked with several clients that have come to me with the goal of losing weight (fat loss).  Usually it's because they've been trying a lot of things that haven't worked and so they come to me with the question: "Why am I not losing weight?" 

When looking into their diet and workout routines of those new clients, a few things become glaringly evident as to why they are not losing weight, or why they are not losing as much weight as they believe they should be losing. 

 After correcting those issues, their weight loss (fat loss) goals easily get on track and the body fat and inches begins to come off.  

Here are the top reasons why you may not be losing weight (body fat).  Correct these issues and you will come closer to achieving your weight loss/fat loss goals.

1.  Focusing on Weight Loss 

 Instead of focusing just weight loss, focus on fat loss (specific).  Weight loss can come from many things, water, bone density, muscle loss, and body fat. Weight loss is not always a good thing.  Narrow your focus to fat loss. 

You can lose muscle and slow down your metabolism which in turn will ruin your long term fitness and fat loss goals.  

Focus on losing body fat!  Lose the fat a.k.a burn the fat and keep the muscle.  Doing this will help you achieve the "toned" look and keep your metabolism revved up and burning  calories fast and furious. Fat loss is the best and healthiest method of losing weight, short and long term. 

2.  Focusing Too Much on Calorie Counting

Some people focus too much time on calories and not enough time on the quality of calories. All calories are not nutritious calories. For an example of Fat X Approved meals I eat, check my Fat X approved meals album on Facebook or use the hashtag #FatXApproved on Instagram. 

Focus on eating nutritious, healthy food, and when you can get that done on a consistent basis, if you want to get more advanced, then spend more time focusing on counting calories.

3.  Not Weight Training, or Being Afraid to use Heavy Weight  

In my  experience, this usually applies to women. 

Women, in my experience have been afraid of using weights because they think it will "bulk" them up.  This a big myth that keeps most women from weight training and also keeps them from losing fat and "toning up” efficiently.  

Start using heavier weights!! Heavy weight (in respect to 1 rep max) stimulates your metabolic processes more so than low intensity/light weight. 

Get strong and you'll burn more calories while you're working out, post workout and while at rest.  Yes, you’ll fire up the "Afterburn Effect"-  EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption).  This is great for burning fat for fuel.  

4.  Not Getting in Enough Protein

 Protein is crucial if you want to maintain a revved up metabolism.  It feeds your lean body tissue (muscle).  Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue throughout the day even while at rest.

 It's a lot easier for a “muscular”  person to burn fat because they have a good base of muscle, than someone that doesn't. Feed the muscle, rev up your metabolism, and burn off that stubborn fat!

5. Not Changing the Stress Stimulus 

Using the same weights, same reps, same amount of time on the cardio machine is a recipe for keeping you at the same level. 

Your body adapts, and will stop changing unless you force it to change.  

You force your body to change by changing the workout variables.  If you notice, the Fat X Program (FX 12) continually changes day to day.  

You can even change the 12 Day Fat X Program after you complete it.  Each time you repeat it, change the weight, circuits completed within time limits of selected workouts, and speed of finishing selected workouts.  

This all creates a tougher/different tax on your metabolic processes which basically forces your body to change for the better. 

These are some of the glaring issues and reasons most people are not losing weight (body fat), or not losing weight as they would like.  There are many more, but if you can correct these, you will be on your way to not just losing weight, but more importantly losing body fat and "toning up" effectively and efficiently

No more asking "Why am I not losing weight (body fat) ?"

If you're in the Pasadena area and need help with you fat burning and or fitness goals, feel free to contact me for private training or to join my FX Boot Camp

This was originally posted in 2010.  I've updated it for 2022!  Enjoy! 
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