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Three Tips and Tricks To Survive Your Diet

My brother needs to lose weight. He's hoping to lose most of it from fat because he's getting ready for an MMA fight on August 14th in Pasadena. After a training session this past Wednesday, we we're talking and got to shooting around some tips and tricks that have helped both of us stick to a healthy diet, burn fat and lose weight. Here are the the top three tips and tricks you can use to stick to a healthy diet, burn the fat and lose weight. You can use these tips and tricks whether you're on the Fat X diet or any other healthy diet to flavor boring food, stay hydrated with a tasty drink you can have instead of sugar filled alternatives, and survive your diet.

1. Use sour cream to flavor your food instead of mayo or any other high calorie taste enhancer.

2. Use mustard to flavor your food. Not only is it healthy, it's very low in calories.

3. Make big batches of green tea and mix it into some Crystal Light. Crystal Light is a low calorie flavored drink mix you can pick up at any grocery store.

Most people fail on they're diet because they get bored of the way their food tastes or they get bored of drinking water all the time. These tips and tricks are easy to implement and can help you survive your diet by helping flavor your food and giving you a low calorie alternative to sugar filled drinks.

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