Fat X 101

Burned The Fat

I completed my most recent run through the FX 12 last Thursday and I took pictures of my completed Fat X Project Friday morning.  I managed to burn off most of the fat I had gained to start off this summer so I'm pretty happy with that, but like always I think I could have done better.

My diet went pretty well except for one or two days where I don't think I ate enough vegetables.  As always, I supplemented with protein just to make sure I had enough to feed my muscles adequately without getting in excess calories coming from fat and carbs. Getting in enough protein is always high on my priority list when it comes to my diet.  This time around I also supplemented with creatine to help with my strength. 

Now that I'm back on track with my summer body, it's time to work on another public Fat X project.  My sister has been bugging me to put her through the FX 12 and I've finally given in.  I'll be starting her tomorrow. I'll be posting her before and after pics in a couple of weeks when she's done with the FX 12 and her Fat X project.

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