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Fat Burning Diet Killers Part 1

Over the years I've come across two foods that totally kill a fat burning diet and bring the fat losing and weight loss to a screeching halt.  What's even worse is that most people consider these two foods healthy, or great for when you're on a fat burning and or weight loss diet.  While these two foods might have health benefits, they are terrible when you're trying to burn the fat and lose that unwanted weight.

First up is yogurt.  Health conscious folk usually advocate the implementation of yogurt into your diet because of it's good bacteria and it's beneficial effect on your digestive system. It also contains some protein,vitamins and minerals.  That's all good news, but now for the bad.

Yogurt contains sugar, and not that sugar is a totally bad thing, but when you're trying to lose fat on a fat burning diet, you want to minimize excess sugar in your diet so that you can burn stored fat for energy.  Now we've gotten to the big problem with yogurt.  Most yogurt products on the market have huge amounts of sugar.  

Let's take a look at Yoplait strawberry yogurt as an example.  A six ounce serving has 170 calories.  All the calorie counting fans out there are saying "great, only 170 calories".  But wait, let's take a closer look.  In that six ounce 170 calorie serving of yogurt there are 33 grams of carbohydrates, 27 grams of those coming from simple sugars.  That's a lot of sugar for only 6 ounces of food.

Here's the really bad part.  You're body will digest those six ounces of yogurt relatively quickly, meaning you will soon be hungry and probably craving more sugar.  Now that sugar has to go somewhere once it's digested.  If it's not being burned off in some sort of energy requiring activity, it's going to be stored.  And where is it going to be stored?  Yup, on your body as fat.  All bad if you're trying to burn fat and lose weight.  

Check in on part 2 where I'll discuss the other fat burning diet killer, and ways to include those foods in your diet while making them more fat burning friendly.

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