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Fat Burning Diet Killers Part 2

In part 1 I discussed one of the foods most people believe to be great when on a weight loss or fat burning diet.  I also discussed how it does have health benefits, but can actually be detrimental to your fat loss goals.  In this post, I'll expose the other top fat burning diet killer food that is hurting most peoples fat burning and weight loss goals.

Granola has long been assumed to be a health food.  And, just like yogurt, it does have some health benefits.  But let's look at what granola actually is, and how it can hurt your fat burning and weight loss goals.

Granola refers to baked rolled oats that are sweetened in some way.  Sounds pretty natural and healthy right?  Well, maybe not so much if you look deeper.  Depending on the fruit and nuts that are mixed into the granola, it will contain a good amount of fiber and other vitamins and nutrients.  Here's the problem, most granola is packed with excess sugar and oil (fat) to make the taste more appealing.  So while you are getting in a good amount of healthy nutrients, you are also adding excess sugar and fat to your diet.  Obviously that's not what you want to do when you're on a mission to burn fat and lose weight.

It's not that granola is bad, it's that over consuming it in your diet will add extra sugar for you body to digest and use.  And what happens when your body doesn't utilize those extra calories/sugar?  Yup, straight to the fat deposits on your body to be stored as fat.

In part 3 I'll discuss how you can implement both yogurt and granola in a healthier and more fat burning goal oriented diet plan.

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