Get Fit and Burn Fat Fast for Summer with the 12 Day Fat X Program

Advanced Burpee For Extreme Fitness

If you've done the Fat X Program, or have done a stint in prison, you've probably done the exercise known as the burpee.  It's one of my favorite exercises because of it's versatility and use of multiple muscles.  There's a basic way to do them, but you can also tweak it a bit to make it more intense.  

If you've gone through the Fat X Program a few times and you're ready to  enhance your fat burning results and fitness level a bit, try doing the advanced burpee instead of the basic burpee in Fat X Workout 4 and Fat X Workout 10.

Here's a short video of me doing the advanced burpee I shot last Friday during a quick fat burning cardio workout.

By the way, if you're near Pasadena, California, I will be hosting an advanced burpee contest the Sunday before Thanksgiving weekend as a way to motivate people to get in great shape.  I'm putting up $200 of my own money as a prize.  I'm working on the details and will post them soon.  


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