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Diet Confusion and The Fat X Diet

When someone wants to burn fat, get fit and or lose weight, they usually say they're going on a diet.  What's misunderstood is that the term diet does not just apply to when your trying to burn off excess body fat, get fit or lose unwanted weight. You're actually always on a diet.  It's either a healthy diet, an unhealthy diet or something in between.  The term diet describes what it is that you're eating.  The confusion lies within the goals of your diet.

If you're eating a bunch of junk food throughout the week, guess what?  You're on a diet.  It just happens to be an unhealthy diet, and it's most likely going to be a weight gaining diet(fat gaining).  Most people are unaware that a weight gaining diet is their diet.  So it's time to stop thinking of being on a diet, and start thinking of how you can make your diet healthier, or at least focused in the direction of accomplishing your goal. 

There's all kinds of complicated ways of changing your diet to achieve weight loss that are out there.  You can count and keep track of every single calorie, deprive yourself of certain foods, eat only this or eat only that, but eventually the more complicated your diet is, the more of a chance you won't stick with it.

With the Fat X Diet, the goal is to simplify the process of thinking about food and eating for the goal of fat loss.   The Fat X Diet is actually a philosophy more than a strict form of dieting.  It's about accentuating the foods and nutrients that will help the process of health and fat loss, without overcomplicating the subject.  The purpose of the Fat X Diet is to help you force nutrients into your diet that will make your diet healthier then what it's been and in turn help you burn fat and lose weight short and long term.

For examples of what I consider healthy or at least healthier than average meals, check out my Fat X Approved photo album on Facebook.

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