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How To Prioritize Grocery Shopping? Q&A of the Week

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X Program (FX12).  This week's question was e-mailed in and is in regards to using a the diet and prioritizing grocery shopping.

Hi Coach!
I ran across your fat burning program about a month ago and have now decided to try it.  I have downloaded the workout guide/manual and all I need now is to grocery shop.  Any tips on how to prioritize my shopping to get the best fat burning results?  I'm motivated and ready to burn the fat I've gained these last few months.
Thanks Coach!

Thomas, as far as prioritizing your grocery shopping, the best tip or trick I can give you is to follow the Fat X Diet protocol.  Basically, buy your vegetables first, then your lean protein sources, fruits, nuts and finally, things you might crave in small portions.  

If possible, buy everything you need for the 12 days all at once.  Then concentrate on only eating from those rations.  It's amazing the results people get when they follow that one simple tip.  Good luck!

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