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I was speaking with a client yesterday and she had a good suggestion for Fat X 101.  She said I should give tips and tricks on how someone can make an average meal, a Fat X Diet approved meal.  Breakfast is usually a problem meal for someone that is trying to keep a healthy or healthier diet. Let's take a look at a common breakfast meal and how we can make it Fat X approved so you can stick to your healthy diet, burn the fat, lose the weight and get fit.

A pancake, egg and bacon breakfast is a common breakfast that can easily be made into a Fat X approved meal with a few adjustments.  Here's an example of the adjustments that can me made to make it healthier, and Fat X approved so that you can continue to burn the fat, lose the weight and get fit.

Typical Breakfast     Fat X Approved                           
 2-3 Pancakes 1 Pancake (whole wheat)
1/4-1/2 Syrup Strawberry Jam/Preserve 
3-4 Eggs Egg Whites
3-4 Bacon Strips Lean Ham Strips
Coffee or Orange Juice Green Tea or Coffee with Sugar Substitute
With the Fat X approved version you you're cutting excess calories and sugar, while adding nutrition and keeping the protein content up. These small changes will help you stay on a healthy/healthier diet and help you lose that unwanted body fat short and long term.

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