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FX Fitness and Fat Loss Boot Camp Pasadena

If you're in the Pasadena area and you're ready to start burning the fat, losing that stubborn unwanted weight, and getting fit, my next FX Fitness and Fat Loss Boot Camp begins on Monday, November 1st.  I hold my FX Boot Camp in my private location in Pasadena and I limit the class size, so reserve your spot A.S.A.P.    

Just like in my Fat X Workout program, my FX Boot Camp revolves around doing the most effective exercises, in the most effective set up, so as to achieve efficient and maximum fat burning, fat loss and fitness results. Good bye belly fat, thigh fat, and any other type of unwanted body fat, hello new fit and toned body!  

I finally got around to doing a video of a sample FX Boot Camp workout.  Check out the video, and pass it along as a favor.  Thanks!

Feel free to contact me if you're ready for the best workout in Pasadena, and your ready to be part of the best fitness class in Pasadena.  
More info and start dates:
FX Boot Camp Pasadena

Coach Rollie - 100% Steroid Free Fitness Coach

Specializing in Effective and Efficient Fat Loss
Private/Personal Fitness Training in Pasadena, California
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