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Fat Burning Exercise vs Fat Burning Program

There's been a long running debate and a lot written about fat burning exercises, but it's time to stop wasting time looking for that magic fat burning exercise and start on a path of finding the best fat burning method.  After all, losing fat, or "burning fat" as it's commonly referred to is the bottom line. 

Some people tend to use one exercise or exercise machine over another, because they believe it will burn more body fat, belly fat, thigh fat etc.  The truth is that the best way to burn fat, lose weight and achieve the "toned" body look with six pack abs, is to utilize the best exercises in an efficient muscle and metabolic stimulating method for a synergistic approach to fat loss.  

While it's true, that time, intensity, muscle groups used, and other factors come into play when calculating how much fat, or how many calories are being burned during a specific exercise, it is not true, that fat and calories burned during exercise is the only factor that comes into play in achieving a low body fat percentage, losing weight and getting the "toned" body look with six pack abs.  

Exercises, and exercise equipment are only tools.  These tools have to be used properly and systematically to achieve the best and most efficient fat burning and weight loss results.  Think of fat burning as building a house. There's a methodology behind building a house where it's not just about the tools used.  Building a house requires a system, principles, techniques and procedures that are as important, if not more important, than each individual tool. Burning fat, losing weight and achieving the toned body look with six pack abs also requires a methodology that is as important, if not more important, than each specific tool/exercise.  

The Fat X Program (FX 12) produces efficient and synergistic fat burning and weight loss results through the systematic way of organizing exercises.  The workout plan/program you choose, should also be set up properly to achieve efficient and synergistic results if you want to burn fat, lose weight and or achieve the toned body look with six pack abs fast.  

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