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Spark Your Metabolism With a Protein Bar

When it comes to burning fat, losing weight and or maintaining a low body fat percentage, building and maintaining muscle is of the utmost importance. Muscle increases your metabolism and burns more calories than fat tissue throughout the day. Unfortunately, most people do not consume enough protein to build and or maintain muscle, therefore their metabolism is not optimized to break down/burn fat.

One way to assure that you are getting enough protein in your diet, especially if your a busy person, is to have protein bars in your diet tool box.  Unfortunately, most protein bars either taste horrible, or do not have the right nutrient combination to be an effective addition to your fat burning or weight loss diet.  

Fortunately, Met-RX, a well respected supplement company in the fitness industry has a great tasting and highly nutritious protein bar.  It's Protein Plus Food Bar contains 32 grams of protein, 32 grams of carbohydrates (no sucrose or fructose which are easily converted to fat) and it's enhanced with vitamins and minerals.
If you're low on protein (I shoot for 1 gram per lean pound of body weight, other fitness experts advocate even higher), or a busy person that needs a quick nutritious meal supplement, I would highly recommend the Met-RX Protein Plus Food Bar.  Not only is it good choice as a meal replacement to add in protein, but it's also cost effective when you consider that it cost less than a common fast food meal.

A good strategy is to keep these in your car, office, or any other place that you might be left without healthy food and can temp you to cheat on you diet with fast food, or junk food.  

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