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Achieve a Trim Toned Body For Summer

So you have some fun outdoor activities planned this Summer, possibly some beach outings, where you'll be wearing a bikini and or shorts, tank tops and basically showing off your body, but at the moment your body isn't as toned, trim and beach body ready as you would like it to be.  Most people wait until the last minute to get their body ready for Summer. Then they go on extreme diets, or exercise for countless hours on worthless workouts to burn body fat and try to achieve that trim and toned, beach body.  There's a better way to achieving that trim and toned, beach ready body, than using extreme diets and long worthless workouts!

First of all, the process of achieving you're trim and toned beach ready body should start months before Summer. Achieving the trim and toned look, requires a low body fat percentage, so you need to burn/lose excess body fat. You should start to burn body fat early in the year with properly set up workouts, and a healthy diet, so as to avoid the pitfalls of last minute crash dieting and marathon workouts.

Crash dieting makes you feel like crap, and marathon workouts can actually harm your body and lead to injury.  Starting the process of achieving your trim and toned beach ready body early, allows you to settle into small short term fat burning goals, that will lead to a big fat burning goal long term.

Keeping track of your fat loss is extremely important in staying on track to achieving your trim and toned beach body goal. Measuring your belly area is an easy way to track fat loss and keep track of your fat burning progress.  The belly area is where most people store a large amount body fat, and as you start burning body fat, that's wear it will be easily measurable and trackable. 

Making a reasonable fat loss goal is also important. Let's say you start on your fat burning workout and diet program in January, and you want to lose 4 inches around your belly area by Summer.  You're goal only has to be about 1/2 an inch a month and you'll be down 4 inches in plenty of time for Summer.  

So you're motivated to start burning that body fat and getting your trim and toned beach ready body, but now what?  Well, if you're a beginner, I would suggest doing the Fat X Program (FX 12) and completing a Fat X Project at a slow pace the first time through, since the workouts have been described as "no joke".  Even though the workout program was designed to be done in 12 days, if you're a beginner, doing the workout program over a longer period will still get you off to a good start on achieving that beach ready body in time for Summer.  

If you're intermediate to advanced, I would suggest following the Fat X Program (FX 12)as closely as possible and try to complete the workouts in 12 days for the fastest results.  While health and fitness should be a long term goal, getting fast results is important for motivational purposes.  Those fast results early, will help you stay positive and on a healthy long term path to achieving and maintaining that trim and toned, beach ready body.

Whichever way you choose to get through the Fat X Program (FX 12), keep in mind that the specifics of the program are what make it special and set it apart from anything else out there.  I made an easy to follow guide to help you stay on track during the workouts.  The workout videos are free, but consider downloading the workout guide so that I can continue to fund Fat X 101 and bring you free tips to help you achieve your fat burning and fitness goals.  

If you're in the Pasadena area, you can join my FX Boot Camp to help you achieve that trim and toned beach ready body.  

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