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There are supplement companies out there marketing fat burning vitamin formulas.  They usually contain a few vitamins in some sort of formulation and market it as a fat burning vitamin supplement to assist fat burning and weight loss. They are usually promoted by claiming they'll help you lose that stubborn belly fat, or they claim to help burn fat off some other type of problem area.  But do these vitamin formulas really burn fat?

The simple answer is no.  There's actually no vitamin or combination of vitamins that have been proven to burn body fat. But with that being said, your body will burn fat most efficiently when all of it's metabolic processes are running properly.  If you're body is deficient is some nutrient, then it won't run at it's optimum capacity.  So while I don't advocate spending a lot of money on these highly marketed and expensive vitamin formulations that are supposed to burn fat, I personally do take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement every day.  I take this multi vitamin mineral supplement  just to make sure I fill in any gaps in my diet.  I believe doing this will cover any deficiency that might arise when my daily diet isn't as healthy as it should be.  

The bottom line is you should save your money on expensive so called fat burning vitamins or vitamin combinations as they won't work as advertised, and invest in a less expensive multi vitamin/mineral that will help fill in the gaps in your diet.  And remember that your body will burn fat most efficiently when it's fit and healthy, so concentrate on the basic things that will make that happen.

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