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A Secret Tip To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

This secret little tip to burn fat and lose weight is actually a combination of two proven methods used together to speed up the fat burning and weight loss process.  And remember that when I say weight loss, I mean fat loss, as that is the most important thing in making you look leaner, more toned and athletic.  Regardless of where your genetics dictate fat is to be stored, belly, thighs, arms, chest etc., this secret technique will help you start getting rid of that body fat.  In my experience though, you'll probably notice it most in that stubborn belly fat area.  

OK, that was a long intro so let's get down to it.  This is Fat X 101, I cover the basics, give you the meat and potatoes and show you the road that will lead you to accomplish your fat burning, weight loss and fitness goals.  As always, once you try my technique/techniques and utilize them to propel yourself towards your goal, if you're still curious as to the science and background of why it works, then feel free to spend time researching it.  But I know most people don't need to know the science behind why gasoline is needed to run a vehicle, they just know it's needed, and they need to know where to get it quickly, practically and as affordable as possible.  

The nice thing about this secret fat burning and weight loss tip that you're about to learn is that it's extremely practical and affordable.  All you're going to need is coffee, water and an eating schedule.  I recommend at least four meals a day on this schedule. All you're going to do is drink at least one glass of water before your meal, then followed by a cup of black coffee, then you'll eat your meal.  That's it.  Try if for a week.  What do you have to lose?  Yup, just some excess body fat.  

Oh, don't forget the Fat X Workout Program (FX 12).

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