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FX Boot Camp Pasadena Fitness Test

In order to better help my FX Boot Camp Pasadena clients with their fat burning and fat loss goals, last year I implemented fitness testing during each of my three week boot camp sessions. These fitness tests are meant to keep clients motivated to improve their fitness level.  One of my mantras at boot camp is "fat loss follows fitness".  What I mean by this is that the more fit you get, the easier it is to burn fat (lose body fat). 

My current FX Boot Camp Pasadena session started last Monday on Valentines day.  Due to that, I had a few of my FX'ers (FX Boot Camp clients) miss their first fitness test.  I had one of them request that I post it online so they can stay on track.  I thought it would be a good idea.

By the way, FX Boot Camp Pasadena fitness tests are conducted on Mondays and they are the same test for all three weeks (they change every three week session). The ideas is to improve in each successive week.  If you work hard during the FX Boot Camp workouts, and you follow the Fat X diet, improved results on the test and on your body are inevitable and expected. 

Here is the fitness test for the current FX Boot Camp Pasadena session.
Warm up 5 Minutes:
Shoulder Roll x 15/15
Jumping Jacks x 30
Mountain Climbers x 30

Four 30 second on 30 second off HIIT rounds with each exercise (1:30 rest between exercises:
Plate Press 
Reverse Crunch
Burpees (basic version)

After the fitness test we rested and then did another 5 minute FX exercise circuit, stretched and talked about a few diet and fat burning tips.  On the first day of a new boot camp session I don't check diet food logs, but after the first day every FX'er is required to keep a food log and I check that at the end of each boot camp workout. 

If you're in the Pasadena area, and would like to join my FX Boot Camp (FXBC), contact me ASAP.

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