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Develop Power, Strength and Conditioning While Burning Fat

As part of my bonus fat burning workout video series, last week I uploaded a beginners type workout video you can do at home.  This week, it's a more advanced workout. If you want to look like an athlete, with a low body fat, toned/ripped body and six pack abs, the best way to do so is to train like an athlete.

In most sports, power, strength and conditioning are attributes that the best athletes in any sport continuously work to develop and maintain.  These attributes along with skill development is what takes them to the top and keeps theme there.  Here is an advanced fat burning workout that you can do to develop power, strength and conditioning.  Even if your not a pro athlete, you can still train like one to achieve that athletic body with a low body fat percentage. Get that toned/ripped athletic look with six pack abs just in time for Summer. 

Check out the free workout video and give it a try. 
If you've done the fat burning Fat X Program (FX 12), you already know that it enhances your power, strength and conditioning along with burning off excess fat.  You can do this bonus fat burning workout video while taking time off from the FX 12 or in addition to your current program.  Keep track of this workout just like in the FX 12 workout manual/guide.  Good luck!  

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