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Free Outdoor Fat Burning Workout Video - The Elysian Workout

When you're trying to burn fat and get fit, adding some fun outdoor workouts are a great idea.  Not only can they increase your fitness level and crank up your metabolism, but they keep things fresh and fun.  There are also many benefits of being outdoors, including but not limited to vitamin D.  

The "Elysian" workout is one of my favorite outdoor fat burning workouts.  I named it the Elysian because I filmed it right outside Dodgers Stadium at Elysian Park.  If you're ever in the Los Angeles area, it's a must visit! 

This fat burning workout requires a sled, or something to drag, a sandbag, and a grassy hill. You don't necessarily need a hill, but the uphill climb really taxes your metabolic processes. If you want to burn fat, the higher the tax, the better! Check out the free Elysian Fat Burning Workout, and below I'll go over some details below.

Make sure to warm up properly before doing these type of high intensity workouts. The Elysian workout is a circuit designed to be done for time.  Go through the circuit as fast as possible and jot down the time it takes you to finish.  Rest 2-3 minutes and do it again.  I suggest doing it 4 times if you can finish the circuit under 3 minutes and 3 times if it takes you longer. 

Like all my other workouts, keeping stats is vital!  Beating those stats is what challenges your body and takes it to the next level.  

The first exercise is a Sled Drag.  The nice thing about this exercise is that you can easily make a dragging sled at home.  You can buy one if you don't want to go through the trouble as well. The dragging distance should be around 20 yards.  Power production is an important concept in my Coach Rollie Method (Fat X 101 Method) and going too far will cause diminishing returns. For added resistance you can add a weight in the sled as I did. 

The second exercise is a good ol' Sand Bag Slam!  Again, you can do a DIY home version or you can also purchase a Slam Ball.  Either way, going for speed and power is crucial.  Make sure to get the sandbag, or slam ball above your head.  You want full range of motion as this will burn the most amount of calories. 

The third exercise is an Over Head Run.  You want to carry the sand bag or slam ball back to the where you started.  Holding it overhead is great to work on your posture and stabilizer muscles.  

Last but not least, you'll finish with a Full Squat Press, or some people refer to it as a "thurster"!  This is a bit of a killer so do the best you can.  Also, if you're just starting out, to the best squat you can.  Remember we're looking for progress not perfection. 

If you like this outdoor fat burning workout video, if you haven't already done it, consider doing the 12 day Fat X Program.  The program comes with fat burning workouts, which include 11 workout videos and the Fat X Program workout manual.  

For me to succeed, I need you to suceed!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or follow me on social media. 

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