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More Fat Burning Diet Secrets and Tips Revealed

The last couple of weeks I've been working on my Bonus Fat Burning Workout videos, but this week I decided to go more into some diet secret tips and tricks.  Diet and more specifically the pre-workout meal in a fat burning diet is often overlooked. I decided to tackle this issue first.

Your performance during a workout is highly important if you want to get the most out of your fat burning fitness and diet program.  If you're not fueled up properly through your diet, your performance will be less than optimal.  For example, you might feel weak or fatigued, and for an exercise where 10 reps and 100 lbs would be best, you might only be able to accomplish 6-8 reps.  That would mean your missing out on 20-40% of fat burning foundation building results. By foundation building, I mean building lean body mass a.k.a muscle, and stimulating your metabolic processes. 

Obviously, if you want to get the best and fastest fat burning and fitness results, you can't miss out on the benefits of your best performance during a workout.  Check out this free video where I reveal one of my tips, a secret fat burning diet meal that you can use pre-workout to fuel you up properly so that you can do your best in your workout!
If you like this secret fat burning meal and tips in this video, let me know, and I will reveal more of my secret fat burning diet meals and other tips and tricks in future videos.  
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Anonymous said...

I love your fatx101 program. If I could only follow the diet 100% and not drink beer,I feel I would be completely ripped. My question is, what if I want to continue with this fatx101 again and again? Or is it meant for only 12 days to get the noob gains? Thanks man, Cheers!

Nirmal Dhananja said...

Great article with some good tips. Making realistic goals and actually making a commitment to yourself goes a long way to reaching your weight loss goals.

Amanda said...

Nice workout program you have here.If more obese people follow this, there won't be any weighty problems.

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