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Arms and Abs Workout in Minutes Video

If you've done the Fat X Program (FX 12), you already know that you don't really need to train abs and arms for long periods of time to get good results.  Nevertheless, sometimes you want a little extra boost to your arms and abs. Especially when Summer is coming, since you'll be showing off these body parts a lot more. This workout can be done in a few minutes. 

I put together this arms and abs workout video as part of my Bonus Fat Burning Workout Series.  You can add it to the end of the Fat X Program (FX 12), or you can use it along with the other videos in the Bonus Fat Burning Workout Series when taking a break from the FX 12.  There are two, seven minute circuits involved with four exercises. The whole workout can be finished in around 20 minutes including a warm up and rest between circuits. Keep track just like in the Fat X Program. Here's the free arm and abs workout video.

This arms and abs workout is a little old school training method mixed in with a modern system so as to boost results.  While the exercises are simple, don't take this workout lightly, it will put you on your butt if you try to go to0 fast too soon. 

This arms and abs video was filmed at One on One Fitness Center in Rosemead, California.  It's a private gym, and a great place to get in workouts like these.  Doing this workout at big commercial gyms, like 24 Hour Fitness or Bally's can be a problem due to the fact you are using three sets of dumbbells.  Other gym goers might not be too happy with that. 

By the way, if you enjoyed this workout video, help keep this site free by passing along the info in any way you can.  Also, stay updated on the Fat X 101 Facebook page and feel free to contact me with any questions.   Thanks and good look on your fat burning and fitness goals. 

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