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Fat Burning Lunch Ideas

Lunch time can be a difficult time to navigate when someone is on a fat burning a.k.a fat loss (weight loss) diet and workout program.  Here are some fat burning lunch ideas to help you stay on your diet and reach your fat loss goal. 

One of my favorite lunch time fat burning diet meals is the grilled salmon salad.  Whenever I feel my diet needs a strong health boost, I head over to Gerlach's Grill in Pasadena and order their grilled salmon salad.  It's a great fat burning lunch idea if you need a little help.  If you're not in Pasadena, look for a place that makes a good grilled salmon salad, or try making it yourself.  If you have a recipe, submit it in the comments. 

Another great fat burning lunch idea is the chickens salad.  You can pretty much get a chicken salad at any restaurant and at all price levels.  Experiment with trying different ones and then set up a list of go to places for yourself when you're in a bind and need to get in a good fat burning diet meal.  There's a few different places that I like in Pasadena an often visit.  The chicken salad is a fat burning diet saver!

These are just a few fat burning lunch ideas that stick closely with the Fat X Diet principles and philosophy.  Try different things and if you have a lunch idea, feel free to post in the comments, or you can also post it on the Fat X 101 FB page

Don't let lunch get in the way of your fat burning a.k.a fat loss and fitness goals.  There's plenty of fat burning goal benefiting meals that you can utilize at lunch.  Work hard, focus, and stay on track. 

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