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One of the things I remind my private clients and my FX Boot Camp participants is that fat loss follows fitness.  What I mean by this tip is that it is easier to burn fat a.k.a achieve weight loss (fat loss),a better looking, toned and athletic body if you're actually physically fit, or by increasing your personal fitness level.  These aren't fancy tips, but they're very important in achieving your weight loss (fat loss) goals.

Many of the fad weight loss diets, and fad workout programs fail long term because they forget that fitness and health should come first. When you concentrate on becoming healthier and more fit, the natural side effect is that your body will naturally look healthier, more toned, fit and athletic.  Becoming healthier and more fit is the basis of the Fat X Diet and the Fat X Program

It is important to remember that just because you start a diet and you lose weight, that alone doesn't mean you're healthier.  In fact, you can be doing things to hurt your health, which in the long run can make it difficult to become fit and lose body fat.  What are those things that can cause weight loss but are unhealthy?  Well, for starters, you can be losing lean body tissue (muscle), which will slow down your metabolism.  A slow metabolism makes it easier for your body to store calories as body fat. 

If you go on one of these fad diets, you can also be depriving your body of essential nutrients which can cause low energy levels along with other health issues.  If you're not feeling good, and you're energy levels are down, what are the chances you're going to get a productive fitness boosting workout in?  And what's the point of looking at the numbers on the scale drop, if you're still flabby and now feel crappy as well.

The point of all this is that you should strive to become healthier.  Don't worry about the numbers on a scale.  Get more fit and increase you're fitness level by tracking your workouts and stats during these workouts.  Those numbers will tell the truth about how healthy and fit your are.  They will also tell the truth about how fit and healthy your are becoming.  Fat loss will follow fitness!

To recap, there are two tips here to improve fat loss.  Tip number one is to become healthier and more fit.  Tip number two is to track your workout numbers and stats as in the Fat X Program so that you stay on track to becoming healthier, more fit and or increasing your fitness level. 

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