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A Fitness Fat Burning Project Has Begun

Every once in a while I put together a public Fat X Project.  A Fat X Project is what I call a run through the fat burning and fitness 12 day Fat X Program.  By public, I mean that the subject or client is willing to have me post their before and after pictures.  I do this to help motivate others, and to show that if you focus and work hard, ordinary people can achieve great results in a short amount of time.

I started this new Fat X Project a few days ago and code named it Cake and Ice Cream.  I always give my public Fat X Projects a code name because I don't reveal their identity until they are done with the fat burning and fitness Fat X Program. When they're done, I post the pictures so that everyone can see the results. I do this as a motivational tool, not just for others, but for that particular person to continue on a road to better health and fitness. 

As I put Cake and Ice Cream through the fat burning and fitness Fat X Program, I thought it would help others if I posted some of the details, tips and other things I've been coaching Cake and Ice Cream with.  Here are a few things:

We've warmed up for each of the fat burning workouts so far by doing five minutes of shadow boxing and or working on the punching bag.  Cake and Ice Cream expressed an interest in learning some MMA, so I implemented it as a warm up to the workouts.  If you're doing the Fat X Program, here's a tip: You can choose whatever method to warm up that you find fun and or interesting. 

On the diet front, I've advised Cake and Ice Cream to begin limiting excess carbohydrates and or sugar.  Cereal was Cake and Ice Cream's breakfast of choice, so my tip on this topic has been to choose something more Fat X Diet approved.  Breakfast can be difficult, but I find a protein berry smoothie, or a veggie omelette better for fat burning and fat loss results.

Using the heaviest weight possible during the exercises and specified rep range is extremely important to get great fat burning, fitness and fat loss results. I've made sure that Cake and Ice Cream chooses a proper weight.  I actually think that I've been going to light with some of the exercises and I'm looking to crank up the weight a we progress through the Fat X Program. 

I'll be posting more updates on the Fat X 101 Facebook page.  "Like" the page to get more tips and info on, health, fitness and the Fat X Program.

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