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Advanced Fat Burning Tips - Part 2 Absolute Strength

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Contrary to popular belief, when you hit a fat burning (fat loss) plateau, it's not more cardio that you need, it's more strength (absolute strength) that you need.  One of the main reasons people hit a plateau when trying to achieve a fat loss or fitness goal is that they become limited in how much work they can produce. This is because they are limited by their absolute strength. If you stop increasing your work output, then your metabolic processes also stop being challenged and forcing change within your body.  This is when you need to work on your absolute strength, so that you can do more work in the same amount of time and break through that fat burning (fat loss) and fitness plateau. Read Part 1 on CNS Here.

This is a bit of a complicated subject, but as I always attempt to do, I will try to simplify it. 

Let's say you can do 10 body weight squats in 30 seconds and that it takes 100 calories worth of work to accomplish, plus an after burn effect of another 100 calories (200 calories total).  The next time you do that, your body will become more efficient, possibly only burning 80 calories to accomplish that work, plus a possible after burn effect of another 80 calories (160 calories total).  This will happen so on an so forth until you body only uses maybe maybe 100 total calories to do that work in that amount of time.

As you can see, you're body will be using less and less calories to move the same weight, in the same amount of time, for those 10 reps.  That's where plateaus come in.  

The best way to break that plateau is to increase your absolute strength and then to use that strength to be able to move more weight for those same ten reps, within those 30 seconds. This added weight will be forcing you metabolic processes within you body to burn more energy (calories).  

Not only will you burn more calories while you do the exercise, but also after due to your body needing to expend more energy to repair itself from the added stress.

By increasing your absolute strength and utilizing that strength to move more weight for reps, you stimulate the building of lean body tissue (a.k.a. muscle).  Remember, more muscle equals a boosted metabolism that will burn more calories even while at rest. 

So now that you know why it's important to build absolute strength to break through a fat loss and fitness plateau, here's a simple method you can use to increase that absolute strength.  Check out the free workout video.

If you have any question on the free workout video, feel free to contact me at or at the Fat X 101 Facebook.  I'm also available for private coaching/training in the Pasadena area. 

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