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When most people attempt to lose body fat and are trying to turn their body into a fat burning machine, they usually make a breakfast diet mistake that does the exact opposite.  Instead of turning their body into a fat burning machine that will help them lose a bunch of unwanted body fat, they stop the fat burning process with their breakfast by eating things in their diet that tell their bodies to store body fat. 

A while back I wrote an article about two fat burning and fat loss diet killers that most people consume for breakfast.  To make the problem worse, they usually consume these two foods together, spiking their insulin, stoping the fat burning process, and signaling the body to store fat in all the problematic storage areas.  Take a look back at the article, but I'll go into how to fix that and make your fat burning diet better with this awesome fat burning breakfast.

You're going to need three ingredients to make this great tasting fat burning breakfast.  These are foods that if used properly are known as fat burning diet helpers.  A low calorie, low sugar yogurt, protein powder supplement, blueberries (fresh or freeze dried) and walnuts. 

By using walnuts and a protein powder supplement, you're going to balance out the macronutrient content in this breakfast food and thereby reducing the body fat enemy insulin spike.  Walnuts will add in fat fighting and health benefiting EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) as well as fiber.  Protein will help feed the muscle, and as you know, feeding the muscle helps burn fat. The blueberries bring in high powered anti-oxidants and other nutrients that will help your overall health.  A healthy body will burn fat faster as well as help your long term fat loss goals. 

Here's the Fat X 101 Fat Burning Breakfast recipe:

1/2 Cup of plain yogurt ( low calorie, low sugar)
1/4 Walnuts
1/4 Blueberries (fresh or freeze dried)
1 scoop of protein powder (20-25 grams of protein)

Mix the protein powder in to the yogurt until smooth.  Add in the walnuts and blueberries.  There it is!  That's all there is to it.  It only takes a few minutes to kick up your diet with a great tasting fat burning breakfast meal. 

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