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6 Easy Tips to Lose Body Fat During the Holidays

Fat Burning Tips
Taken 12-1-2011
As we all know, the Holiday season is probably the most difficult to keep body fat off, but where there is a will, there is a way!  Here are 6 quick and easy tips to lose body fat this holiday season.  By the way, these easy tips can be used year round, but there are factors that come up during the holiday season, that make these tips a bit more poignant.

Tip #1
Stay hydrated!  The colder weather tends to hide the sensation and or symptoms of dehydration.  Remember that staying properly hydrated helps to keep your body functioning properly, that includes your metabolic processes that help to burn body fat for energy.

Tip # 2

Chew gum while cooking.  Cooking big family meals for the holidays is a tradition for most, but with that comes snacking and picking at the food while it's being prepared.  Chewing gum will keep you from picking at the food, and will keep those extra mystery calories and body fat off of you. 

Tip # 3
Drink coffee with your meals.  This is one of my super tips!  It's easier to do when the weather turns cold.  It works great to keep you from overeating! 

Tip #4
Don't postpone workouts! Weather conditions, holiday shopping, and family visits can get in the way of your workouts. But, remember that fat burning, metabolic boosting workouts, don't need to be very long.  My workouts last 30-35 minutes on average, yet they produce better results than low intensity 1-2 hour traditional cardio workouts.

If you're doing my 12 day Fat X Program, and can't do a specific workout because of logistical reasons, fit in one or more of the workouts from the free Fat Burning Workout Bonus Series, until you can get back to the FX 12.

Tip #5
Eat before shopping!  Don't get caught up at the mall or shopping center hungry.  Temptation to eat junk food will be all around, and in essence, you're putting yourself in a position to fail.  By fail, I mean, eating and adding junk calories to your diet.  Remember that it's easier to keep those calories and body fat off, then it is to burn those calories and lose the body fat once it's on.

Tip # 6
Follow the Fat X Diet principles!  Even at big family dinners, you can still set up your plate the Fat X way.  Meaning stack your plate with nutritious foods first. 

These 6 tips are pretty easy to follow, if you want to kick up your body's fat burning ability, implement all of them and watch your body fat level drop, even through the tough to stay fit holiday season.

 If you have any questions about the Fat X Program, diet, exercise, and or setting up your workouts, feel free to email me, or post those questions on the Fat X 101 Facebook page.  Good luck on your fat burning, weight loss (fat loss) and fitness journey!

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