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Best Way to Set Up a Fat Loss Workout Plan

Best Way Workout Plan
It's a new year and you've set your fat loss goal, but if don't have a fat loss workout plan, that goal is going to be difficult to achieve.  If you've read Fat X 101 before, you know that I prefer to refrain from using the term "weight loss" and prefer the more specific term "fat loss".  For more on that check out my article "Fat Loss is What You Want".  Anyhow, let's get to the point, you want to lose body fat, and the best way to accomplish that is with a workout plan. 

If you're new to fitness, you're probably going to hear a bunch of myths and misconceptions about losing body fat and becoming more fit. Ask the general public what the best way to set up a fat loss workout plan is, and the uninformed or misinformed will quickly jump into spitting out advice on how cardio is the best way to lose fat and get fit.  Another big myth that you're likely to hear when inquiring on the best way to set up a fat loss workout plan is; high rep training is the best way to lose fat.

Both cardio, and high rep training have their places in a fitness and fat loss workout plan, but they, alone, are not the best way to lose body fat, nor are they the best methods to get fit.  If fat loss, a leaner, more toned, fit and athletic you is what you are trying to achieve, boosting your metabolism and becoming more fit are going to be key factors, short and longterm.

Traditional cardio workouts (monotonous low intensity movement), and high rep training, are not the best ways to kick up your metabolism.  Both of those methods can actually have a detrimental effect on fat loss and your metabolism, if you're not careful.  For more on that read my article "Cardio Can Hurt Your Fat Burning Goals".

The most proven method to kick up your metabolism is to build and maintain lean body tissue (a.k.a muscle).  Again, cardio, and high rep training are not going to accomplish that in the best and most efficient way.  Resistance training (a.k.a weight training) on the other hand, especially in the lower rep ranges, definitely will!

Here's where things get a bit complicated, since I try to keep things simple here on Fat X 101, I'll just go ahead and cut to the chase.  Resistance training will help build and maintain muscle, which in turn will boost or keep your metabolism boosted.  But, there's a good way to set up you resistance training (weight training) program, and then there's a best way to set up you resistance training program if you want to target fat loss and overall fitness.

The best way to utilize resistance training (weight training) in a fitness and fat loss workout plan is to do multi-joint exercises in circuit fashion, therefore not only getting in a resistance or weight training workout, but also kicking up your heart rate, and getting in a cardio workout at the same time.  Setting up your fat loss workout plan in this way, will not only kick up your metabolism, but, it will also kick up your overall fitness level.  Both good things if you want to lose fat fast and keep it off.  Fat loss follows fitness!  Get more fit, build some lean body tissue (muscle), boost your metabolism and the fat loss will follow!

My Fat X Program is set up exactly in that method.  I included easy to learn, multi-joint exercises that have been proven to work and wrapped them in a more advanced circuit training method for better, more efficient results.  You get in a metabolism boosting workout, while at the same time working your cardiovascular system (cardio).  An excellent combination for overall fitness and fat loss!

Whether you do my Fat X Program, or you come up with your own fat loss workout plan, remember to track your workouts.  Tracking your workouts will guarantee that your long term fitness and fat loss plan succeeds. If you're doing the Fat X Program, use the workout manual to write in your numbers. If you're doing your own workout program, find a method of tracking your workouts.  Tracking your workouts and improving on them is one of the most important factors and one of the best ways to  make a workout plan successful longterm.  Otherwise you will spin your wheels, putting in the same effort or even worse, each time you do that workout.  I see people making that mistake on a consistent basis.  It's no wonder why they have a hard time getting results, even though they seem to be putting in the time at the gym. 

Good luck to you on accomplishing your fitness and fat loss goals!  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, or better yet, post them on the Fat X 101 Facebook, and I'll answer them as quick as I can. 

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