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Tips for Fat Burning Workout 6 - FX 12

Tips for Working Out
I've gotten a lot of question recently on Fat Burning Workout 6 day 6 of the Fat X Program (FX 12).  Workout 6 or day 6 of the program is meant as a break from the weights.  But while it's a break from the weights, it's not meant as a break from a tough productive workout or exercises.  Here are a few tips to make Fat Burning Workout 6 of the the Fat X Program (FX 12) as effective as possible. 

Tip 1:

On the bench jumps exercise, get as high as possible relative to your fitness level. The workout video shows the simple version, but you can get creative and place an object on the bench. Make sure you clear it on each rep.  That will force you to jump at the same height every time, even when you become fatigued later in the workout. 

Tip 2:

On the crawls, a.k.a bear crawls exercise, you can increase the distance to make the exercise and workout more difficult.  To showcase the exercise in the video, I used a relatively short distance.  Increase the difficulty of the workout and exercise by adding a few feet. Make sure to note the distance in the workout manual or wherever you are keeping track.

Tip 3:

This workout, like most of my workouts utilize the EDT (Escalating Density Training) principle.  You're supposed to try to do more work, in the same amount of time.  Therefore making you workout more dense.  Doing more work, in the same amount of time pushes your metabolic processes and kicks up your fitness levels.  Try to get through as many circuits as possible in the given amount of time.  Keep track so that next time you can attempt to do more. 

Tip 4:

On all the jumping exercises, make sure to land with your knees bent to force the pressure on to the leg muscles and less of the stress on the joints and bones. 

These tips for Fat Burning Workout 6 are pretty simple and can be easily implemented.  If you've already done the Fat X Program (FX 12), whether you finished it in 12 days or a few more, you already know how effective it is at getting you extremely fit and helping you lose that stubborn body fat, but stay tuned as I'll be posting more tips for each individual workout video so that you can get even more out of the exercises and workouts. 

If you're new to the fat burning and fitness Fat X Program, consider downloading it so that you can have the videos and workout manual on your computer or mobile device.  By downloading the program you'll also be able to skip the annoying ads.  But as always, if you can't afford the $15.99 do download the videos and workout manual, the videos will remain here free at Fat X 101.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, or you can also contact me at

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