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Foods That Burn Fat and Tips To Pick Them

Fat Burning Diet Foods
I'm going to get right to the point with this post and get into a long list of foods that burn fat, while also adding tips on how to pick them and tips on what foods to avoid.  Now, before I do that, here's the reality: there is no food that will burn fat directly, but, these foods will greatly enhance your fat burning/fat loss and fitness efforts. Add as many of these foods to your diet as possible in a consistent manner, while doing the Fat X Program, and you'll burn fat (a.k.a lose body fat) in a very noticeable way. 

By noticeable way, I mean you'll look leaner, more toned, and generally have a more athletic look.  By adding these foods that burn fat, not only will you look leaner, more toned and athletic, but you'll also be healthier and you'll perform better in sports and athletic / fitness endeavors. For a more detailed explanation of why these types of foods help to burn fat (lose body fat), check out a previous article, Fat Burning Foods.

OK, with all that out of the way, here's the long list of foods that burn fat and tips to pick them: 

(Some of these foods are already included in the Fat Burning Foods article)

Group 1 of Foods That Burn Fat:  These foods are high in protein and generally low in carbohydrates and calories.

Chicken breast
Turkey Breast
Steak (Lean Cuts)
Cottage Cheese
Low Fat Cheeses

Group 2 of Foods That Burn Fat: These foods are high in nutrients (vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants), while generally being low in carbohydrates and calories.

Bell Peppers
Wheat Grass
Green Beans

Group 3 of Foods That Burn Fat: These foods are high in calories, but contain good sources of essential fatty acids (EFA's).

Sunflower seeds

The list of foods that burn fat can be even longer, but you can see the pattern and gather the tips of the typical requirements to be on this list.  Foods that burn fat need to be in on of those three categories: high in protein low in carbs and calories, high in nutrients low in carbs and calories, or contain good fat (EFA's).

You'll also notice that none of these food that burn fat are man made!  That's another helpful tip to help you pick out foods for you fat burning diet!  It also gives you a tip on what types of food to avoid so that you can reach your fat loss and fitness goals.

 If you're serious bout burning fat (losing body fat), the more tips the better right?  So here's a fat loss tip from Dr. Oz. Check out the video

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